Trishala sad in the memory of her boyfriend: Sanjay Dutt’s daughter could not recover from the grief after boyfriend’s death, expressed pain on social media – NewsTower

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One month ago

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Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt’s boyfriend died in July 2019 last year. Trishala has often been seen expressing her pain by sharing a throw-back picture of her boyfriend on social media. Recently, in a Q&A session on social media, a user asked, “How are you fighting the pain of your boyfriend’s death?”

Trishala Bolin – Looking for myself

Trishala replied to the social media user and wrote, “I am still fighting it.” But I have taken a lot of help for this and am still taking it. My sports group has now become virtual due to Kovid, I meet my therapist virtually. Keeping the attention of social distancing, I spend most of the time with my family and friends and find myself.

Trishala further wrote, “After the boyfriend’s death, I had made a long distance from social media. Because I needed to spend time with myself to get out of whatever happened to us. How did our lives change by separating from each other? I needed to feel my loss. “

It will take some time to recover ..

Trishala wrote, “My therapist is helping me a lot. I am slowly overcoming my feelings. It took me more than a year to understand my loss. It will take me a while to recover. This year, I have been able to get out of my grief to a great extent, I am giving myself time to come out of the emotions ”.

Trishala writes that even today she has a toothbrush of her boyfriend and she still feels his presence with the scent of her boyfriend’s T-shirt. He added, “I am thankful for the time we both spent together.”

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